The Sallier Oak

The Sallier Oak has stood the test of time over the course of 275 years, and it has been the steadfast figure in our region’s history, watching time pass from frontier days to today. The historic oak is registered with the Live Oak Society of the Louisiana Garden Club Federation, and it represents the ability for our community to weather disasters while continuing to grow with optimism.

It was under the oak that Charles Sallier, our city’s namesake, built his winter home, and records show that this land was patented in 1860 by his wife, Catherine LeBleu Sallier. The oak is draped with rusted chains which were placed by the community after the Hurricane of 1918, which split the tree in half. The public came together to save the tree by wrapping it in chains to let it grow back together. The effort can still be seen today, and the tree was ultimately saved. The historic oak continues to weather time by surviving both Hurricanes Laura and Delta.

Today the oak serves as a place of community celebration and is the site of multiple cultural events, such as Art Under the Oak, Yoga Under the Oak, and the Branch Out Summer Art Camp.

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