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Mercurial Horizons

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Join us in celebrating the captivating artworks of “Mercurial Horizons” by SWLA artist Christopher Latil.

📅: April 11
🕰️: 6:00 – 8:00 pm
🎟️: Free Admission
📍: 204 W. Sallier St., Lake Charles, LA 70601

In this exhibition, Latil delves into the essence of landscapes, exploring the interplay of color, material, and process. Each piece in this collection reflects the myriad conditions of our lives, echoing the delicate balance between control and chaos.

Latil’s work intricately weaves together the elegance of the horizon with the rawness of ruined surfaces, offering a poignant reflection on personal growth amidst adversity. Through the juxtaposition of degenerate industrial materials and fine art printmaking techniques, he invites us to contemplate our relationship with nature and resilience.

This opening reception is free and open to the public, welcoming all to immerse themselves in Latil’s vibrant colors and thought-provoking compositions. Join us as we uncover the beauty within the scars and rediscover the value in every journey.

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