The Imperial Calcasieu Museum, in partnership with the Louisiana State University/T. Harry Williams Center for Oral History and local writer/journalist Bill Shearman, was awarded a grant from Sasol, to record, preserve and make available the written and oral history of the people and community of Mossville. The exhibit is now housed in the Annex Gallery of the Museum and features written and oral histories, copies of family photographs, aerial photographs, video and photographs of standing structures and artifacts. To record these historical assets, the project team hosted a series of oral history days in the Mossville community and also went out into the community to record its history.

Local writer/journalist Bill Shearman was approached to research and write a book on the complete history of the Mossville community during this project. In “A Forgotten Community: A History of Mossville,” which Shearman researched and wrote in a little over two years, he delves into history of the early settlement of the area of Mossville to the current difficult topic of how the community faced having their land and air polluted by big industry. The book is available for checkout at the McNeese State University Frazar Memorial Library and through the Calcasieu Parish Public Library.

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Copies of the book are available at the Museum
Free to the Mossville community.
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Transcripts, research and photographs are accessible to the general public at the Imperial Calcasieu Museum, the McNeese Archives, LSU Libraries Special Collections and Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Collections (available to researchers). Audio, video and images are available on LSU Library servers.
Steering Committee: The Mossville History Project’s steering committee is composed of eight members from the Mossville community. Many of these members are descendants of original settlers of Mossville or have been members of the community for many years. The steering committee’s purpose is to keep current and former Mossville residents informed of events, have a working knowledge of important community figures, dates and events, attend meetings pertaining to the Mossville History Project and be a reliable source to all parties involved in the project.