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Book Signing with Scott Debose

Dates Available

We are thrilled to announce an upcoming book signing featuring author Scott DeBose. This event is open to all and free to attend.

Date and Time: June 25th, from 10 am to noon

Scott DeBose will not only be signing copies of his latest book but also giving a presentation about its fascinating subject. “With the stroke of a pen, the United States bought the Louisiana Territory, but few people know the rest of the story—that the purchase almost started a war, that a former vice president tried to make the land his own empire and that an American general sent to protect the territory was a Spanish spy. For almost twenty years, West Louisiana was not part of the United States. With no government, no police and no military, it soon became a no man’s land—full of outlaws, murderers and smugglers. But it was also a land of opportunity for settlers willing to brave the danger to start a new life. Author Scott DeBose shares the story of this wild era and the almost two centuries it took to tame the region.”

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